All Earth Origins Markets were originally locally owned, independent, natural and organic food stores. All were started with the desire and passion to provide natural and organic foods to communities in Florida, Maryland, and Cape Cod. Each location came to stand for personalized customer service, products that reflected community needs, and the ability to quickly satisfy special orders and requests.

In December, 2010, Earth Origins Markets became the new name for the twelve locations. Each store still retains the unique, independent character that made it a fun place to shop, the same helpful and knowledgeable associates, and a blend of departments and products that cater to that natural and organic neighborhood location. All stores offer gluten free and vegan food options, a selection of locally produced products, as well as extensive personal care and supplement departments staffed by knowledgeable associates.

So, while our name may have changed, Earth Origins commitment to its customers and vendors did not. Despite incredible competition within the markets we serve, Earth Origins has distinguished itself through great products, incredible customer service and leadership. The result has been a chain of stores which have not only maintained their market position, but are performing better than ever.