I enjoy working alongside my coworkers more than anything.  Coming to work knowing I can help my colleagues live better and easier lives make waking up every day worth it.

I like working at Earth Origins because it feels like we are one big family.  We have lots of community support and our company gives back to the community.  We also support many small businesses and that makes our customers happy.

I have learned a lot about healthy, natural living from working with this company.  It has taught me a lot about the different diets that people are on and food allergies that people have.  I like working for a place where fellow associates are smiling when they come to work and where customers know you by name.   This company has a different feel from just a typical grocery store.  This is the community place to go for our customers.  Instead of going to a Starbucks to get free Wi-Fi and drink a coffee, people come here to socialize and eat in our café.  There is a sense of a ‘chilled’ atmosphere working in this company.  Also, the leaders are approachable and just a phone call away.  I have not experienced this is any other company!

I really enjoy working here.  Sometimes it gets challenging, but my passion and knowledge in supplements keeps me going.

I started working for the company in January of 2005.  I applied to work part-time while I was in school as a way to supplement my school loans.  I took the only job available at the time which was maintenance and didn’t foresee staying long.  Before long, I was promoted to produce clerk and quickly found that I had a natural talent selling organic fruits and vegetables.   The appeal of produce kept me around while I changed majors many times over the years.  While working part-time I obtained degrees in Business Administration and Digital Media Technology.  Once brand new product cases were installed at the store, I took the opportunity to challenge myself to increase sales as much as possible.  Over the last two years I was able to increase sales for the produce department by $60,000! With that major increase, I was made Produce Manager and a full –time associate.  I continued to work hard and was recently promoted to Grocery Manager.  As I have grown sales at the store, I have been able to improve my life outside of work.  Working at Earth Origins has allowed me to start at the bottom and work my way to the top. Who knows where it will lead?

I like working for Earth Origins for many reasons such as the training that is available and the attention that is paid to associates.  There is always room to advance or work in departments other than what you were originally hired for.  Earth Origins offers great benefits (and that seems to be expanding).  There is never a dull moment and hard work is recognized!